Types of commercial air compressors, uses and considerations before purchase

gas-station-1688175_960_720Air compressors have a wide range of uses and can be found in different environments. Gas station for instance use compressed air to inflate your car`s tire while in some construction sites, you find trailer styled gas compressors which help in the powering of concrete compactors and jackhammers. In the piece below, we edify you on the types of commercial air compressors, their uses and factors to consider when purchasing.

Types of commercial air compressors

race-car-engine-2770373_960_720Diverse applications call for distinct kinds of air compressors. However, there are two main designs evident in most settings. These are the rotary screw and reciprocating piston air compressors. The rotary screw vacuums or otherwise called spiral lobes air compressors are used for positive displacement when increasing air pressure. These units don’t have valves and instead carry two double rotors that facilitate air compression inside the casing. On the other hand, the reciprocating compressors rely on pistons and cylinders to compress air that is forced out through the end.

From the two groups, you then find several categories depending on your need. The low-pressure types, for instance, have compressed air stored in small tanks and are used to pump cars and bikes while in heavy manufacturing industries you find highly pressurized air put in larger containers and are used for complex duties.

Uses of Air compressors

Small and mid-sized businesses- The purpose of air compressors in firms with interests in small engine services, dental services, recreation activities, and auto services is almost inevitable. Some of their activities that rely on air compressors are:

Use of pneumatic nails while roofing

  • Providing medical and dental services
  • Construction sites while using pneumatic hammers and drills
  • Blowguns for cleaning industrial equipment

Manufacturing From assembly plants to metal fabrications through to refineries, the only backbone of all their operation is a reliable air compressor system.

The compressors assist in production by:

  • Operating welding and cutting equipment
  • Blowing a mold-filled plastic bottle or tank.
  • Turning nuts and screws.
  • Finishing metals while sandblasting.
  • Operation of air tools used in the production line.

Dry cleaning industries– For effective cloth cleaning, an operable system with a reliable supply of air is critical. The compressed air services Phoenix is important while:

  • Operating the machinery used such as steam cleaners and laundry pressers.
  • Administering the cleaning chemicals using cleaning guns.

Pharmaceutical– maintaining cleanliness and dryness are this industry`s top priorities, hence the need for high performing machinery matched with top of the tier compressed air systems assist in:

  • Operating conveyor belts
  • Maintenance of optimum pressure in the holding cum mixing tanks.
  • Bottling and packing the bottles.

Energy exploration– Considering how remote the industry`s operations are found, machines that are easily dependable is of priority. Air compressors are hence most preferred to help in:

  • The inserting and withdrawal of reactor rods.
  • Powering the ventilation in boiler rooms, equipment for onshore and offshore operations, and pneumatic tools.
  • The control of valves both in the coolant and steam circuits.

Foods and beverage– Uncontaminated yet consistent compressed air are of vitality in these firms. Various production operations require air compressors to ease the work. These includes:

  • Cooling of its products.
  • Packaging and bottling of the drinks.
  • Closing and monitoring devices.